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Alday Donalson

Alday-Donalson Former Staff Celebrates One Year With ULT


Alday-DonalsonAlday-Donalson staff recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of its merger into Universal Land Title. While it was only a year ago that these two agencies joined forces, so much has happened in the intervening time that it seems like much longer to those closely involved.


Alday-Donalson was bought out by Universal Land Title, which now uses its staff and offices, but ULT didn’t stop there. After the merger, Universal Land Title invested significant capital into Alday-Donalson’s former offices to modernize their way of doing business in order to ensure they could handle the increased workflow at a faster pace while suppressing the number of errors. The result of these efforts was faster, more accurate title at a better price.


Alday-Donalson’s former staff and offices underwent many significant changes in the past year, all of them positive. For example, by implementing improved technology and a new process map that better promoted rapid, accurate workflow, ULT helped the offices formerly held by Alday-Donalson to provide better service for its clients while also providing employees with more clear-cut tasks and methodology.


Alday-Donalson’s former offices have undergone some other changes as well. For example, the Carrollwood office has recently moved into a much newer facility, thus not only making the closing experience more pleasant for customers but also providing a nicer working environment for employees. The company expects to enact similar changes in the coming years. It has been an eventful year, but the staff and management that formerly worked for Alday-Donalson are looking forward to the great things they plan to achieve in the future.


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